Sunday, July 20

Pregnancy Update

Tomorrow I will begin my 25th week of pregnancy and things are going just fine. I am feeling great most of the time. The minor discomforts of the second trimester are so much easier to tolerate than the nausea of the first trimester.

This baby seems to move more than my other two did. She is now big enough that others can easily feel her move when they place a hand on my belly. Sometimes, she moves so vigorously that I can see my belly move.

I can eat what I want, in large quantities. But, I'm beginning to have heartburn. Soon, I will have to be more careful about what I eat and how much I eat. Zantac will become my best friend.

I stay inside most of the day to avoid the heat. Today the high temperature was 97 degrees. However, the heat is not as bad as I expected it to be. I was comfortable in church this morning, but the pregnant lady in front of me seemed like she was about to melt. She is six weeks further along, so I wonder if her intense heat intolerance is personal difference, or because she is closer to delivery.

Thank God, I am able to stay at home with my kids instead of working away from home. I get to take a nap with Little Man every afternoon. Naps make a huge difference!

That is all for now. Boring, I know, but boring is good in pregnancy. I can do without excitement.

Wednesday, July 16

Another Pin Cushion Kid

Ever since Tater was an infant, we have been visiting dermatologists for her eczema. I think we have seen four different dermatologists. Some of the treatments helped, and some didn't help at all. Nothing cured. The rashes always came back, worse than before.

In the last week, Tater went to the doctor four times. The first time was for an allergic reaction which made her eyes swell terribly. Two of the visits were follow-up to the first visit. Yesterday we went to the allergist for testing.

The allergy test wasn't too bad. She said it hurt, but she didn't cry. Her pulmonary function test went great. She does not have asthma.

The cat and I are very pleased that Tater isn't allergic to him. He was in danger of losing his home, but is safe now.

She isn't allergic to dust mites or mold. The doctor laughed when he told me not to clean my house. We don't have to remove our nasty carpet, or cover the pillows and mattresses. He said not to change anything in the house. The dust mites are happy. They were in danger of losing their home, just as the cat was.

The tests showed that Tater is severely allergic to grass pollen and moderately allergic to tree pollen along with a few other mild allergies.

We have a very long growing season where we live. There are only about two months a year when the grass and trees don't produce pollen. Maybe we should move to the North Pole. Ummm, maybe not.

The allergist thinks that if we don't treat Tater, she will develop more severe allergies and asthma. If family history serves a a predictor, then he is right. My parents, brother, and I all have histories of allergies and asthma. We have all taken allergy shots.

The treatment plan for Tater is a little overwhelming. Last night I left the pharmacy with oral antihistamine, nasal spray, moderate strength steroid cream, antibiotic cream, and lotion for after baths. I already had Elidel, strong strength steroid ointment, oatmeal bath, soap-free cleanser, hypo-allergenic shampoo, sunscreen for sensitive skin, and another antihistamine.

We begin shots next week. Since I am a nurse, the doctor will allow me to administer them at home. Doing the shots in the office would have cost us a $25 co-pay per visit. Thanks, nursing school.

For the first month, I will have to give Tater one shot a day. Eventually, she will only need one shot a month, but it will take a while to get there. We expect her to need shots for a minimum of five years. Tater is not happy about getting shots!

Tater's allergies and Little Man's IGFD aren't major medical problems. Things could be so much worse. My children are otherwise very healthy. They can be treated and we have good insurance to help pay for treatment. However, I can't help feeling bad for them and guilty that I passed these problems on to them. I can't believe that both of my kids need shots. I wonder what the baby's health will be like.

Tuesday, July 8

You Put A Light Bright Peg Where?

Last night, around 9:15, when my kids were supposed to be asleep, I heard horrible screaming coming from the bedroom.

I went into the bedroom and saw Tater touching Little Man's face. Little Man was the one screaming. I quickly told them both to get back in bed and leave each other alone.

That is when Tater told me that she saw Little Man shove a Light Bright peg up his nose and that it wouldn't come out.

I took my son to the living room and grabbed a flash light. I thought I could see a green peg way up there, so I grabbed the tweezers. All the tweezers did was cause more screaming and pushed the peg further into his nose.

Yardboy got out a bulb syringe and tried to suck the thing out. It didn't work. Screaming resumed.

As long as we weren't touching his nose, Little Man's only complaint was that he couldn't breathe. We decided to leave it alone and call for advice.

I immediately thought of calling my parents. Dad was a paramedic for many years and Mom is a school nurse. Surely they would have experience in this area. They didn't answer the house line or either cell phone. Don't they know that they are supposed to be on 24 hour call?

I called my brother, the medical student. He is a smart guy, but he didn't have any ideas. He didn't know were our parents were either. Don't they know that they are supposed to let us know where they are at all times?

I called our HMO's Urgent Care facility and the nurse told me that they had seen their last patient of the evening. I needed to take him to the hospital's Urgent Care Center.

Tater was very worried about Little Man having to go to the hospital. We tried to assure her that kids do this all the time. Our words did little to calm her anxiety. She needed cuddles from Daddy.

Little Man talked non-stop all the way to the Urgent Care, about a 10 minute trip. It seems very strange to take such a chipper child to the hospital.

As I began filling out the paper work at Urgent Care, Little Man's eyes got watery and red. Then he began sneezing. After the fourth sneeze, the little RED Light Bright peg flew out of his nose and hit the floor with a loud POP. Problem solved. Everyone in the waiting room laughed.

I picked up the slimy peg and returned the clipboard to the receptionist. She too laughed and said, "Well, that saved some money."

Yardboy was very surprised to see us return so quickly, around 10:00. Tater was glad to see her little brother was unscathed. Both kids were asleep in just a few minutes.

Did you notice that in the beginning I thought the peg was GREEN? It wasn't. The peg was RED. I guess I spied other green residents in Little Man's nose. The RED peg was so high that we couldn't see it at all.

If this ever happens again, I will consider trying to elicit sneezing. Does anyone else have experience with things trapped in the nasal cavity? Any suggestions?

Little Man now knows that putting objects in his nose is "a bad choice" and says that he won't do it again. Tater agreed that she would tell an adult if she saw her brother putting things in his nose again.

One last thought. I've viewing this silly episode as a parenting rite of passage. I can't believe I have been a parent for over six years and never had to remove anything from a little nose.

Monday, July 7


This morning was cleaning time. I was doing dishes, bathrooms, laundry, floors...

Vacuuming was really frustrating! I don't like seeing all of the stains that I have been unable to remove, or just haven't gotten around to cleaning. The stains are embarrassing.

I began noticing the spots and recalling what caused each of them. Here are a just a few examples:

*Silly Putty in Tater's room*
We didn't find it until months after the incident. I recently learned that she mixed the Silly Putty with glue before it was smashed into the carpet.

*Red Jello in the dining room*
This was the Jello that the kids proudly made for Father's Day. I think Little Man dropped it, but I'm not sure. I think I can get it out if I try.

*Popsicles, yogurt, pudding, milk, juice, and various other edibles/potables in the living room*
Yes, living room. I allow the kids to watch cartoons while eating afternoon snack. I know, bad idea for protecting carpet, but you live and learn, right? Well, maybe I'm not learning. I'm still going to let them eat there. I am afraid these stains are hopeless. I have tried every concoction I can think of, and nothing makes a difference. This morning after vacuuming, I covered the area with a kid rug. Why didn't I think of that earlier?

*Low-Fat Chai Tea Latte on the last bit of carpet before the kitchen tile begins*
About a year and a half ago, a friend spilled a huge cup of this delicious stuff. We immediately tried to get it up, and thought we had success. Wrong! It is one of those vanishing stains that reappears after a while. My friend apologized profusely. She felt so bad.

*Chocolate milk vomit in the living room*
This was courtesy of Little Man. Once again, I can't get rid of the spot. Yuck! The ottoman is covering it right now.

I potty trained two kids in this house and we have a cat. Fortunately, I managed to clean up all of the spots left behind from those adventures. Well, I cleaned the ones I know about.

There are lots of other stains of unknown origin. I don't think I want to know how they came to be.

I have to give Yardboy credit for trying to help keep the floor from looking like the carpet at Chuck-E-Cheese's. He gets out the steam cleaner every six months, or when thinks get really out of hand. It makes a difference, but it is still terrible looking.

As I said at the beginning, I was really frustrated with the stains. I'm not so upset now. Those stains are connected with a memories of people I love. None of the stains are from injuries, fights, or natural disasters. Instead, they are marks of a life with a wonderful family and friends. I guess people with beautiful hard floors don't have stain memories like I do.

Aren't you glad I did't take pictures? :)

Saturday, July 5


My dad took this picture of Little Man last weekend. I just had to share it.

Tuesday, July 1

Mo Cake, Please

This is Tater's fourth birthday cake. I have been looking for this picture two years, and I finally found it! It came a little late, but I thought I would share it anyway.

Tater was really into a collection of stories called Usborne's Farmyard Tales. This was my best effort to represent some of the characters. The pig's name is Curly, the dog, Rusty, and I have no idea what the chicken's name is.

I used a can of spray coloring to make the cake blue and learned a big lesson. Spray the cake outside! Everything in the kitchen ended up blue. I had to mop the floor after I realized that Tater and I had blue feet and were tracking the color onto the carpet. Oh, I must have inhaled a lot of the stuff too. For days I had blue snot. Yes, I know, probably too much information, but it was amazing.

How about that drink can? Nice.