Tuesday, July 8

You Put A Light Bright Peg Where?

Last night, around 9:15, when my kids were supposed to be asleep, I heard horrible screaming coming from the bedroom.

I went into the bedroom and saw Tater touching Little Man's face. Little Man was the one screaming. I quickly told them both to get back in bed and leave each other alone.

That is when Tater told me that she saw Little Man shove a Light Bright peg up his nose and that it wouldn't come out.

I took my son to the living room and grabbed a flash light. I thought I could see a green peg way up there, so I grabbed the tweezers. All the tweezers did was cause more screaming and pushed the peg further into his nose.

Yardboy got out a bulb syringe and tried to suck the thing out. It didn't work. Screaming resumed.

As long as we weren't touching his nose, Little Man's only complaint was that he couldn't breathe. We decided to leave it alone and call for advice.

I immediately thought of calling my parents. Dad was a paramedic for many years and Mom is a school nurse. Surely they would have experience in this area. They didn't answer the house line or either cell phone. Don't they know that they are supposed to be on 24 hour call?

I called my brother, the medical student. He is a smart guy, but he didn't have any ideas. He didn't know were our parents were either. Don't they know that they are supposed to let us know where they are at all times?

I called our HMO's Urgent Care facility and the nurse told me that they had seen their last patient of the evening. I needed to take him to the hospital's Urgent Care Center.

Tater was very worried about Little Man having to go to the hospital. We tried to assure her that kids do this all the time. Our words did little to calm her anxiety. She needed cuddles from Daddy.

Little Man talked non-stop all the way to the Urgent Care, about a 10 minute trip. It seems very strange to take such a chipper child to the hospital.

As I began filling out the paper work at Urgent Care, Little Man's eyes got watery and red. Then he began sneezing. After the fourth sneeze, the little RED Light Bright peg flew out of his nose and hit the floor with a loud POP. Problem solved. Everyone in the waiting room laughed.

I picked up the slimy peg and returned the clipboard to the receptionist. She too laughed and said, "Well, that saved some money."

Yardboy was very surprised to see us return so quickly, around 10:00. Tater was glad to see her little brother was unscathed. Both kids were asleep in just a few minutes.

Did you notice that in the beginning I thought the peg was GREEN? It wasn't. The peg was RED. I guess I spied other green residents in Little Man's nose. The RED peg was so high that we couldn't see it at all.

If this ever happens again, I will consider trying to elicit sneezing. Does anyone else have experience with things trapped in the nasal cavity? Any suggestions?

Little Man now knows that putting objects in his nose is "a bad choice" and says that he won't do it again. Tater agreed that she would tell an adult if she saw her brother putting things in his nose again.

One last thought. I've viewing this silly episode as a parenting rite of passage. I can't believe I have been a parent for over six years and never had to remove anything from a little nose.


Crickey said...

Oh my goodness. What an experience! I too am surprised that it hasn't happened before now. :)

jamie in rose cottage said...

That's funny! Glad it came out on it's own!