Sunday, September 27


I sat down tonight to blog about cloth diapers. Yes, we've made the switch to cloth,and yes, we like them.

However, that isn't what I need to blog about tonight. I'll save the diaper talk for another post.

Friday night I went to my parents church in my hometown to read my recovery story. This is no wimpy, skim the surface testimony. This is down and dirty, warts and all testimony. I even invited several friends who aren't in recovery. I stood in front of about 100 people and shared it all.

If you've read my blog at all over the last few years, you know that struggle with anger, depression, codependency, and food addiction. But there is one thing I've kept private. I've never mentioned my biggest, toughest, darkest area of recovery. Friday night I openly spoke about it, so I might as well speak of it here too.

YIKES! Here goes... I'm a SURVIVOR of childhood sexual abuse. Oh my goodness, I can't believe I said it. I'm feeling quite exposed right now. I really want to talk about cloth diapers.

Please, no sympathy comments. I survived and I'm working through it with God's help. Three years ago, this secret was crippling, but it isn't anymore. I guess I'm putting this out there just in case someone else needs encouragement.

Healing is possible! Freedom is possible! I'm celebrating recovery from childhood sexual abuse, and other survivors can too!

Tuesday, September 8

End of Summer Summary

Wow, I've seriously neglected my blog this summer. Anyway, school is back in session now, so I better get back to typing. Here's a rundown of what We've been up to:

The first couple weeks of summer I enrolled the kids in gymnastics, swim lessons, and Vacation Bible School. Baby Bee loved the water, as did Tater and Little Man. Hooray! Tater can finally swim! VBS was okay, but not a big thrill. We never even made it to gymnastics (over $80 wasted).

We also spent a week at the beach with my family. The water, sand, and sky were amazing, but it was sweltering. We spent our days inside and went to the beach in the evenings. I even took the kids for their first roller skating trip. Can you believe that I didn't fall?

On July 1 the real excitement began. Little Man got his middle finger on his right hand stuck in the bathroom door. He came out of the bathroom screaming and holding his hand. The soft tissue up to the first knuckle was gone and bone was sticking out. I found the amputated portion sitting on the door hinge.

After a 911 call, a ride to the hospital in the ambulance, morphine, emergency plastic surgery, and a night on the pediatric floor, we got go home. Little Man's hand was wrapped up for four weeks and then he had his second surgery. A week after that, the bandages came off for good. I must say, his finger looks better than I expected. It will always be a little funky, but it really isn't that noticeable. I am so grateful!

On July 31, Yardboy went to Nicaragua for a mission trip. He played the drums in several worship concerts and helped in a free medical clinic. Apparently, they really think highly of drummers in Nicaragua. Everyone that went on the trip jokes about my Yardboy being a rock star. How funny! Yardboy came home on August 8. We were all so happy to have him safely home again. It will be my turn to do a similar trip next year!

School started back a couple of weeks ago. Tater is in the 2nd grade, and Little Man is in K4, five mornings a week. They both really enjoy school. I'm so glad they like it, especially since I absolutely hated school.

Baby Bee is amazing! Now at 10 months old (gasp) she is into everything. Right now she is under my computer desk reeking havoc on old papers. She uses several baby signs including: bye bye, all done, where did it go, milk, and more. She is growing normally and sleeps all night long (insert angelic voices here).

I started a new Celebrate Recovery Step Study a couple months ago. I'm struggling with my compulsion to overeat, so I'm really focusing on my relationship with food this time. I'm currently working on Step Four. Also, I'm writing my testimony. I'm scheduled to read it aloud for a large group on September 25. Oh my goodness! Prayers please!

I had a fantastic Labor Day weekend with my family and now we are all really dragging. We had lunch with my extended family, and dinner with Yardboy's parents on Saturday. We camped in the back yard with the kids Sunday night. Yesterday we went to a theme park an hour and a half away and had a blast. It was tough to get everyone out of the house this morning. Tonight we will be going to bed early.

That was my summer. I'm looking forward to autumn, my favorite season of all.