Friday, May 30

Date Night

Tater went on her first date last night. A little young? Nah, I think her date is an honorable guy. He treated her like a princess.

Yardboy took Tater to the Daddy Daughter Dance at church. I don't know which one of them was more excited. They had a great time!

Little Man and I went out on a date too. We went out to a very special restaurant. Well, he thought McDonald's was special.

After "dinner" we went went to the cheap theatre and saw "Horton Hears a Who." My date was ready to leave half way through the movie, but I managed to convince him to stay until the end. After all, I did pay $3.50 for us to get in!

Wednesday, May 28

16 Weeks

Well, I'm at 17 weeks now, but I said I would give an update on my 16 week checkup.

Everything looked fine. The baby's heart rate was in the 140's and 150's. I did go up a couple of pounds, but the midwife still commented on my meager weight gain. The nurse drew more routine blood work. I got the results today, and everything was "within normal limits."

She also scheduled me for an official ultrasound at a local imaging center. We should be able to determine the sex of the baby then.

I hope the baby takes lessons from his/her big brother. Little Man let us see EVERYTHING in his 20 week ultrasound. I hope the baby doesn't take a cue from his/her big sister. Tater was a very modest fetus. She kept her back to the probe with her legs tightly crossed. The sonographer thought she was a girl but was very uncertain. We had lots of yellow and green for her.

Friday, May 16

The Busy Month of May

We started out this month with Tater's gymnastics-themed sixth birthday party. The kids had a blast. Here is Tater blowing out the candles on the star-shaped cupcake cake that I made for her. Cupcake cakes are great! No knife needed for serving.

The next weekend was packed with activity! Here is Tater and Little Man before the ballet recital. This picture captures their personalities perfectly. Oh, Tater LOVES her parasol.

My parents (Grammy and Papa) were gracious enough to host a Mother's Day/third birthday party at their house. Little Man loved his Mickey Mouse party! Big sister really wanted to "help" blow out the candles. Yea, the cupcake cake looks great! I didn't make it. Making Taters cupcakes wore me out, so I ordered Little Man's cake from Wal-Mart.
Yardboy's mom (Grandma) gave Tater and Little Man a very unusual gift--traffic cones. It seemed really strange at first, but the kids really love them. I never imaged that they could have so much fun with six cones. Hours of entertainment, really.

Today was Tater's Kindergarten graduation. Sniff, sniff. This has been a wonderful year, thanks mostly to her teacher, Ms. C. I don't know who will miss Ms. C more, Tater or me.

Oh, one more note. My pregnancy is going well. I'm currently at 15 weeks, and the nausea is SO MUCH BETTER! I go back to my midwife next week. I will give an update then.