Friday, May 30

Date Night

Tater went on her first date last night. A little young? Nah, I think her date is an honorable guy. He treated her like a princess.

Yardboy took Tater to the Daddy Daughter Dance at church. I don't know which one of them was more excited. They had a great time!

Little Man and I went out on a date too. We went out to a very special restaurant. Well, he thought McDonald's was special.

After "dinner" we went went to the cheap theatre and saw "Horton Hears a Who." My date was ready to leave half way through the movie, but I managed to convince him to stay until the end. After all, I did pay $3.50 for us to get in!


cheri said...

You are making wonderful memories for your kids! Keep up the good work....
And I'm with you - if you pay $3.50 to see a movie, ya gotta watch the whole thing!

Drason said...

Yeah, I mean $3.50 is almost a gallon of gas. . . .(*sigh*)

I think McDonald's is great too.