Saturday, October 13

Bronze Medallion

Sunday night was the final lesson of my 26 week Step Study. I got a bronze medallion to commemorate the HARD work. Sometimes I can't believe how much healthier my spirit, mind, and body are. God is using Celebrate Recovery to change my life, my marriage and my family in amazing ways. Yes, I still struggle at times. I'm sure I always will. I am human, but now I have hope and the assurance that I am never alone. I am learning to allow God to direct my path.

By the way, I started another Step Study. It should end in the Spring. I have so much more work to do. I've only begun to allow God to scratch the surface. I want to go much deeper.

Here are just a few of the little saying, key words, concepts, or terms that I've learned at Celebrate Recovery. Some are new to me, some are old. Some are precious others are corny and trite. I love them.

Progress, not perfection.

Keep coming back.
It works if you work it.
So work it,
You're worth it.

stinkin' thinkin'

Large Group

Small Group

Solid Rock Cafe


compulsive over eater

Sexual Physical Emotional Abuse Recovery (SPEAR) Group

people pleaser

work my own program

Prayer for Serenity (long version)

The Lord's Prayer


Hi, I'm Curly. I am a believer in recovery from...

Twelve Steps

Eight Principles










Accountability Partner/Group

self sufficiency




What is shared in the group, stays in the group.

I or me statements, not you or we statements.

Focus on your own thoughts and feelings.

Alcoholics Anonymous Big Book

Christ Centered Recovery Program

It's not about me!

safe place


family of origin

Life Hurts God Heals


Come back six times before you decide it isn't for you.

Look to your left. Look to your right. Chances are, there is a miracle sitting beside you.

CR Inside

double dip

Thank you for letting me share.

Thank you for sharing.


Recovery Bible

Celebrate Recovery Bible

I'm sure I will think of lots more when I log off, but you get the point. Celebrate Recovery has changed my life. Thank you God!