Monday, August 27

Please, don't shoot the messenger!

The message was healing, hopeful, and peaceful, but I never even got to relay the good news. I was shot down immediately.

I came into the territory peacefully. I soon learned that I was not welcome. The land was guarded by a fierce, angry, jealous Bulldog, bent on protecting what is his. He likes things the way they are. He dislikes change, unless it is his idea. He doesn't like people telling him how to run his territory. My good news was not threatening, but it was seen as an invasion.

Now I'm wounded, and in pain. His cold, hard words cut me to the core. I guess that is what you get when you trespass on posted land. I'm not surprised. I was fully aware of the risk I was taking. However, I hoped for a better reception. I hoped that he would at least hear me out.

In spite of the hurt, I don't regret my attempt. I was obedient. I don't know what God has planned, but I am praying.

Tuesday, August 21


Don't give up, but don't push too hard.
Pushing too hard just leads to resentment.
Did I push too hard?
Should I push harder?

Sometimes they seem to want my company.
Other times they seem very uncomfortable around me.
I'm confused.
Should I stay or go?

Trying to help.
Trying to comfort.
Trying to fix.
Trying to do ANYTHING to make it better, to make the pain go away.

When I try, I meet with resistance.
They question my motives.
Would I resist too?

I don't want to be controlled.
I don't want to be controlling.
I don't want to be manipulated.
I don't want to be manipulating.

I want them to be well.
I want them to be whole.
I mirror the pain others feel.
I feel their aches as if they were my own.

Thursday, August 16

A Few Words from the Weedeater Pilot

My dad is an adrenalin junkie. Here is the proof in his own words:

Well, there I was just flying along at 600 feet, just 400 yards off the west end of my runway. All was well. Except the thought that entered my feeble mind. "I think I'll do an engine-out landing.", my sick brain said. Before I could talk any sense into my own head I had flipped one mag switch. The engine slowed slightly, and much to my dismay, I flipped the second switch. Silence is supposed to be golden, but the silence was not to be enjoyed. One eye on the runway threshold, one eye on the air speed indicator and one eye on the altimeter....wait, that's three eyes. How did I do that. Anyway, I made an Albatross-like landing about 150 yards down the runway. As I sat there on the runway in silence a terrible thing ran through my head, "Do it again!" So I did. The landing went rather smoothly this time. Slid that thing onto the runway at about 50 knots, taxied to a stop and just sat there enjoying the silence. When I noticed how much I was sweating I restarted the engine and taxied on home. Man, what a ride.

Sunday, August 12

What's Wrong With This Cake?

Can you see the problem with this cake? I worked on it for hours, Mom watched me make it, Yardboy inspected it, and our babysitter checked it out too. None of us noticed the mistake BEFORE the surprise party. I realized that i screwed it up last night, AFTER the party, when I was looking at the pictures. UGH! GRRRRRR! Mistakes like that just kill me! Cabbagehead would understand. He is a perfectionist too.

I made this cake for our Music Minister's 40th birthday. In spite of the glaring error, it was a hit. Everyone said they loved it. I wonder how many of them noticed the problem. This morning I asked the Birthday Girl if she saw the error, and she said, "Yes, right away, but I couldn't say anything." She really seemed to appreciate the thought and effort.

Oh, it tasted great too. It was a french vanilla cake with raspberry and chocolate ganache filling. I iced it with vanilla and chocolate buttercream. The sharps and flats are Hershey's Sticks. I tried to make white keys with white chocolate, but that was a dismal failure. I need to keep working on that idea.

At the party, I put forty candles on the cake and lit them with my torch (Yardboy's idea). A little of the chocolate frosting got singed and the smoke detector alarmed. It was really funny!

Saturday, August 11

Locks of Love

Tater has been growing her hair in hopes that it would be long enough to donate to Locks of Love.

A little over a week ago, I was struggling to brush Taters hair. I asked her if she was ready to donate. She said, "YES!"

The next day I braided her locks and we headed to the mall. In JC Penney, Felicia cut the braid and gave Tater a cute new style.

We don't need detangler any more. Tater misses having "doggy ears" but does seem to enjoy the easy hair brushing sessions.

I have the braid, padded envelope, and form. Now I need to print pictures and send it all to Locks of Love.

A couple of days later, I realized that one side of her hair was longer than the other. I tried to even it out myself, but just made it lop-sided in the other direction. My wonderful Aunt C fixed my mistake Wednesday evening. Tater's hair looks great!