Friday, July 27

Tater's Cake

Tater helped me bake this cake. Then she decorated it with the leftover frosting from the baby shower cake. Great job, Tater!

Thursday, July 26

Three Peas in a Pod

This evening I made a very special baby shower cake. The mother, J, and her husband have been trying to conceive for years and are finally expecting three little miracles thanks to IVF. The specialists only transferred two eggs, but one of them split into identical twin boys. The third baby is a little girl. I am so excited for this couple. Congratulations J and C.

Oh, and here is a birthday cake I made last month. Yes, Barbie and Ken are in the hot tub. I wanted to make everyone at the party laugh, and I succeeded. The cake almost fell apart. It was an engineering feat to keep the thing in one piece. As you can tell, it isn't quite round.

Wednesday, July 25

Summer Blogger Syndrome

Apparently Summer Blogger Syndrome is contagious. Navy Wife, Drason, and Crickey all have it. Sunny is recovering. I'm trying to recover too. Then again, maybe I'm not recovering. This is a pretty lame post.

Cheri and Layla seem to be holding strong. They must take blogger vitamins.

Sunday, July 22

I'm Not Who I Was and What I've Done

I'm still here, I just can't think of anything worthwhile to say. Instead, I share the words and music of others that have inspired me this week.

Brandon Heath- I'm Not Who I Was

Linkin Park- What I've Done