Tuesday, February 26

Limited Obstetrical Ultrasound

Recently I completed training in limited obstetrical ultrasound at a local crisis pregnancy center. I volunteer on Monday mornings when my kids are in school. Scanning pregnant bellies is awesome! There aren't many things more amazing to see than the first flicker of a heartbeat or tiny hands and feet.

I find it hilarious that almost every client comments on how big the baby's head is. Then, they blame the the baby's father, "He's got a big head, just like his daddy." Ha!

However, things aren't always cheerful in the ultrasound room.

I know from personal experience that it really sucks to be the woman on the table when the person performing an ultrasound says, "That's an empty uterus." It really, really sucks!

Now I also know that it really, really sucks to be the person performing an ultrasound when an unborn baby's heartbeat can't be found. I realize long before the mother that the baby is not alive, but I have to keep silent until I have finished all of my pictures and measurements. Then, I have to utter those heart wrenching words, "I'm not finding a heartbeat. I'm so sorry. You need to see your doctor as soon as possible..."

I encounter crying women every day that I volunteer. Frequently they cry tears of joy and wonder. Sometimes the weeping is in response to the hopelessness of an unplanned pregnancy. Rarely (I hope), they are due to the rotten news I deliver. In that case, I just cry with them and then we pray.

Tuesday, February 5

Blog Tag

I've been tagged by Cheri from Northwoods Ramblings!

I have been given the task of listing seven random facts about myself. Here goes:

1. I spent a month of the summer after my high school graduation on a Teen Mania Ministries mission trip to Atlanta, Georgia.

2. I am currently training to do limited obstetrical ultrasounds at a crisis pregnancy center. I did an ultrasound on twins today. Wow!

3. I ruined my family vacation to Disney World when I was 15 years old. Much of our trip was spent in the hospital because I had encephalitis. The roller coasters didn't make me vomit, but the brain swelling sure did. Ugh!

4. I think lipgloss is much better than lipstick.

5. I don't like Jazz. It makes me have panic attacks.

6. I had LASIK surgery in 1999. Now I need glasses again.

7. I think Facebook is annoying. Don't poke me!

Game of Blog Tag Rules:
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I'm going break the rules and only tag five people:
Barbara, Sunny, Navy Wife, Crickey, and Drason