Wednesday, January 16

Injections Begin

Tercicare sent us one month's worth of Increlex, bandages, syringes, alcohol pads, a sharps container, and a travel kit.
It was all FREE!
We watched a video on the medication administration as a family. Yardboy practiced giving injectionx to an orange before giving an actual shot to Little Man. The kids gave their dolls shots with needle less syringes. Then, they pretended to give shots to each other.
Smiley is sill smiling.
We have been giving the injections to Little Man twice daily since Sunday evening. In spite of the preparations we made, he runs and screams when it is time to get the shot. However, he stops crying the instant the needle is withdrawn. He always asks for a bandage (although it really isn't necessary). It seems that the dread of the shot is worse than the shot itself.

Tater was very worried about her little brother at first. She screamed and ran out of the room when we gave Little Man his first shot. Now she isn't afraid and had become quite the expert on Increlex administration. Tater polices my every move when I am preparing the medication. She really payed attention to the video.

Hmmm. Possible career in Medicine one day?

Tuesday, January 8

Celebrating Recovery on New Year's Eve

These are the cakes I made for our Celebrate Recovery New Year's Eve Party. I couldn't find my camera, so I took these pics with my phone.
This one was a butter cake with vanilla buttercream and chocolate buttercream frosting.
Mmmmm. Butter is goooood.

This one is chocolate with chocolate ganache filling. I had to cover it with vanilla buttercream because it was so chocolaty!

The friends, food, music, and dancing were great. We had a blast ringing in the new year!

Thursday, January 3


At the beginning of 2007, the doctors said that I wasn't feeding my son enough. Then, they changed their minds and started looking for the true cause of his slow growth. I've lost count of the tests they have done: x-rays, growth hormone stimulation test, DNA tests, and so many other blood tests. Little Man has become a pin cushion.

We went to see the pediatric endocrinologist again today. He diagnosed Little Man with Severe Primary Insulin-like Growth Factor Deficiency (Primary IGFD). It really is a relief to finally have a diagnosis.

To get information about Primary IGFD, check out The Magic Foundation and their video on IGFD.

In the next few weeks we will begin giving Little Man twice daily injections of Increlex. Our hope is that his rate of growth will be three times faster than it currently is. Here we go...

Tuesday, January 1