Wednesday, January 16

Injections Begin

Tercicare sent us one month's worth of Increlex, bandages, syringes, alcohol pads, a sharps container, and a travel kit.
It was all FREE!
We watched a video on the medication administration as a family. Yardboy practiced giving injectionx to an orange before giving an actual shot to Little Man. The kids gave their dolls shots with needle less syringes. Then, they pretended to give shots to each other.
Smiley is sill smiling.
We have been giving the injections to Little Man twice daily since Sunday evening. In spite of the preparations we made, he runs and screams when it is time to get the shot. However, he stops crying the instant the needle is withdrawn. He always asks for a bandage (although it really isn't necessary). It seems that the dread of the shot is worse than the shot itself.

Tater was very worried about her little brother at first. She screamed and ran out of the room when we gave Little Man his first shot. Now she isn't afraid and had become quite the expert on Increlex administration. Tater polices my every move when I am preparing the medication. She really payed attention to the video.

Hmmm. Possible career in Medicine one day?


Michelle.... said...

I found you by clicking on Celebrate Recovery on my profile and you were a blog that came up.

I lead newcomers at our CR here in Oklahoma! I also lead a step study on Wed. nights.

Those cakes are beautiful by the way.

Have a blessed day.

Red Hot Mama said...

When I was a kid and got a shot I held my breath and looked the other way and squeezed my eyes tight.

My daughter fainted when she got a TB test. Lord knows how she was able to endure a belly button and tongue piercing.

Good look to Little Man.
Red Hot Mama

Barbara said...

Oh, I hope he gets used to them soon...I bet he will. Your daughter seems to be a natural at this!!

Sunny said...

Bless his little heart. Shots are never fun. It is more the fear than the shot. I have to do some heavy breathing before I stick myself.

You are such a great mom!!!!

Curly said...

I'm reminded of a story that my mom told me about her shot experience in the 5th grade.

She said the teacher tried to make the shot process easy by holding my mom close to her chest. Mom gritted her teeth in preparation for the shot. Only one problem. When Mom bit down, she got a mouth full of teacher boob!

I bet the teacher chose a different method for the next child.

cheri said...

My youngest had to have a series of blood tests when he was 5. He was hospitalized for several days and the leading 'suspect' was leukemia.

He hated the blood draws, but we prayed before each one and even though he fought and hollered - by the end of the time he learned to trust Christ as His Savior.

And the diagnosis was not leukemia but...'transient erythroblastopenia of childhood'. I think that is a several hundred dollar word that means 'we have no idea what is wrong with him, but he seems better now so you can take him home'.

Praying for all of you!

Michelle.... said...

Check out my new CR post! I think you'll like it :)

cheri said...

Hey, C.M.I tagged you on my blog!