Wednesday, March 30


Blah. I feel like trash. I'm in the middle of another episode of sinobronchitis. Another episode? Yes, I think it is about the tenth time since December '09, but really I've lost count. I've made multiple visits to my primary doctor, allergist, pulmonologist, ear-nose-throat specialist, and gastroenterologist. I've taken so many rounds of antibiotics and corticosteroids, that I've lost count on that too. Sometimes the meds work, but I often end up calling my doctors back to get something different. The problems always return within a few weeks. Yesterday, after a week of antibiotics that seemed to be helping, I called my primary doc to report that my symptoms had returned. He ordred a head CT and changed my antibiotic. I began the new antibiotic last night and it is making me feel really crummy. Now, in addition to sinobronchitis, I'm having neurologic side effects from my medicine. I called my doctor's office this morning to report my side effects. Now I am waiting for a call from the nurse. Until then, Baby B and I will be sitting home watching cartoons.