Wednesday, April 4

Our Church

Check out Pistol Pete's post entitled "The Revolting Church." Then read what I have to say about our church.

We attend a (dare I say it) United Methodist Church. Gasp! I am a child of the Jesus Movement, so the idea of joining the UMC seemed absurd. However, we absolutely love our church.

On Friday nights we gather at our UMC for Celebrate Recovery with codependents, victims of abuse, drug, sex, food, and booze addicts... We are able to openly admit that we screw up. Then we accept each other's love and God's grace. Our CR group is one of the largest in the USA.

On Sunday mornings, we attend a rocking worship service with many of the same people we meet with on Friday nights. Yardboy recently started playing the drums with the praise band. It is truly a "come as you are" place. We aren't an Emerging Church, but we are emerging from what is considered traditional.

I grew up in a Five-Fold Apostolic Ministry, and tried many others Christian churches, including an Emerging Church. After 10 year of church hopping, Yardboy and I became members of a main-line denomination.

I don't think the kind of church really matters as long as the people in it are wholeheartedly seeking God. Sure, some traditional churches are truly stuck in the mud, but not all of them are. To the surprise of some, there are United Methodists that are running toward Jesus with all of their might. I am one and I am proud to know many others.


pistol pete said...

Sounds like you have a great thing going at your church. I've heard wonderful things about "Celebrate Recovery". Keep the Spirit alive!

Layla (aka Barbara) said...

Hey ditto what Pete the pistol said. Your church sounds like a good place and having you in it makes it even better. I wish we could go to CR together on Friday nights!

Curly Mommy said...

Yes, it is a great church. That means a LOT coming from me. We literally looked for at least 10 years before finding a church home. Home. That sounds nice.

Barbara, I wish you could come on Friday nights too. If you ever visit the Deep South, I'll fix you a glass of sweet tea, feed you some grits, and take you to CR! Pete, you can come too.