Monday, August 27

Please, don't shoot the messenger!

The message was healing, hopeful, and peaceful, but I never even got to relay the good news. I was shot down immediately.

I came into the territory peacefully. I soon learned that I was not welcome. The land was guarded by a fierce, angry, jealous Bulldog, bent on protecting what is his. He likes things the way they are. He dislikes change, unless it is his idea. He doesn't like people telling him how to run his territory. My good news was not threatening, but it was seen as an invasion.

Now I'm wounded, and in pain. His cold, hard words cut me to the core. I guess that is what you get when you trespass on posted land. I'm not surprised. I was fully aware of the risk I was taking. However, I hoped for a better reception. I hoped that he would at least hear me out.

In spite of the hurt, I don't regret my attempt. I was obedient. I don't know what God has planned, but I am praying.


Drason said...

I obviously don't know who you are talking about, but I am pretty sure that I know his bulldog. . . all too well. If someone is going to shoot someone/something, then the bulldog is my suggestion. "Be of good cheer," The Holy Spirit uses our voices and obedience, but He doesn't need them. Often he gets through the hard way (the only way some of us listen some times) and then reminds the hard hearted(headed) that He sent the message peacefully. . .

Don't be discouraged: "Living Sacrifice" isn't just an expression, but it does honor God.

Be Blessed and keep it up!

Curly Mommy said...

Thanks, Drason.