Wednesday, May 28

16 Weeks

Well, I'm at 17 weeks now, but I said I would give an update on my 16 week checkup.

Everything looked fine. The baby's heart rate was in the 140's and 150's. I did go up a couple of pounds, but the midwife still commented on my meager weight gain. The nurse drew more routine blood work. I got the results today, and everything was "within normal limits."

She also scheduled me for an official ultrasound at a local imaging center. We should be able to determine the sex of the baby then.

I hope the baby takes lessons from his/her big brother. Little Man let us see EVERYTHING in his 20 week ultrasound. I hope the baby doesn't take a cue from his/her big sister. Tater was a very modest fetus. She kept her back to the probe with her legs tightly crossed. The sonographer thought she was a girl but was very uncertain. We had lots of yellow and green for her.

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Crickey said...

So glad things are going well. :) I'm anxious to find out boy/girl so I'll know if you can use all this boy stuff I have!

Love you, girl!