Monday, July 7


This morning was cleaning time. I was doing dishes, bathrooms, laundry, floors...

Vacuuming was really frustrating! I don't like seeing all of the stains that I have been unable to remove, or just haven't gotten around to cleaning. The stains are embarrassing.

I began noticing the spots and recalling what caused each of them. Here are a just a few examples:

*Silly Putty in Tater's room*
We didn't find it until months after the incident. I recently learned that she mixed the Silly Putty with glue before it was smashed into the carpet.

*Red Jello in the dining room*
This was the Jello that the kids proudly made for Father's Day. I think Little Man dropped it, but I'm not sure. I think I can get it out if I try.

*Popsicles, yogurt, pudding, milk, juice, and various other edibles/potables in the living room*
Yes, living room. I allow the kids to watch cartoons while eating afternoon snack. I know, bad idea for protecting carpet, but you live and learn, right? Well, maybe I'm not learning. I'm still going to let them eat there. I am afraid these stains are hopeless. I have tried every concoction I can think of, and nothing makes a difference. This morning after vacuuming, I covered the area with a kid rug. Why didn't I think of that earlier?

*Low-Fat Chai Tea Latte on the last bit of carpet before the kitchen tile begins*
About a year and a half ago, a friend spilled a huge cup of this delicious stuff. We immediately tried to get it up, and thought we had success. Wrong! It is one of those vanishing stains that reappears after a while. My friend apologized profusely. She felt so bad.

*Chocolate milk vomit in the living room*
This was courtesy of Little Man. Once again, I can't get rid of the spot. Yuck! The ottoman is covering it right now.

I potty trained two kids in this house and we have a cat. Fortunately, I managed to clean up all of the spots left behind from those adventures. Well, I cleaned the ones I know about.

There are lots of other stains of unknown origin. I don't think I want to know how they came to be.

I have to give Yardboy credit for trying to help keep the floor from looking like the carpet at Chuck-E-Cheese's. He gets out the steam cleaner every six months, or when thinks get really out of hand. It makes a difference, but it is still terrible looking.

As I said at the beginning, I was really frustrated with the stains. I'm not so upset now. Those stains are connected with a memories of people I love. None of the stains are from injuries, fights, or natural disasters. Instead, they are marks of a life with a wonderful family and friends. I guess people with beautiful hard floors don't have stain memories like I do.

Aren't you glad I did't take pictures? :)

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cheri said...

Back when we lived in the northwoods and had carpet, I used a homemade hydrogen peroxide solution to clean stains. Check out this site for more info:

Or google hydrogen peroxide carpet cleaning solutions for similar ideas. I don't have the recipe for the concoction I used anymore. Sorry! But hydrogen peroxide did work very well as I recall. I never tried it on chocolate milk vomit though. :)