Sunday, July 20

Pregnancy Update

Tomorrow I will begin my 25th week of pregnancy and things are going just fine. I am feeling great most of the time. The minor discomforts of the second trimester are so much easier to tolerate than the nausea of the first trimester.

This baby seems to move more than my other two did. She is now big enough that others can easily feel her move when they place a hand on my belly. Sometimes, she moves so vigorously that I can see my belly move.

I can eat what I want, in large quantities. But, I'm beginning to have heartburn. Soon, I will have to be more careful about what I eat and how much I eat. Zantac will become my best friend.

I stay inside most of the day to avoid the heat. Today the high temperature was 97 degrees. However, the heat is not as bad as I expected it to be. I was comfortable in church this morning, but the pregnant lady in front of me seemed like she was about to melt. She is six weeks further along, so I wonder if her intense heat intolerance is personal difference, or because she is closer to delivery.

Thank God, I am able to stay at home with my kids instead of working away from home. I get to take a nap with Little Man every afternoon. Naps make a huge difference!

That is all for now. Boring, I know, but boring is good in pregnancy. I can do without excitement.


Crickey said...

I'm glad things are boring! Tomorrow you will be where I was when David arrived. God is good!

Love you!

Curly said...

I thought about that earlier this week. I can't imagine having a baby this soon. How scary! I'm so glad he is so healthy now. Yes, God is good!