Tuesday, July 1

Mo Cake, Please

This is Tater's fourth birthday cake. I have been looking for this picture two years, and I finally found it! It came a little late, but I thought I would share it anyway.

Tater was really into a collection of stories called Usborne's Farmyard Tales. This was my best effort to represent some of the characters. The pig's name is Curly, the dog, Rusty, and I have no idea what the chicken's name is.

I used a can of spray coloring to make the cake blue and learned a big lesson. Spray the cake outside! Everything in the kitchen ended up blue. I had to mop the floor after I realized that Tater and I had blue feet and were tracking the color onto the carpet. Oh, I must have inhaled a lot of the stuff too. For days I had blue snot. Yes, I know, probably too much information, but it was amazing.

How about that drink can? Nice.


Crickey said...

You are an artist! Is it terribly time consuming?

Crickey said...

PS--Still waiting on the space solution blog....

Curly said...

Thanks, Crickey!

I'm working on the space solution blog. I purchased bunk beds today. Hint, hint. :)

Crickey said...


BTW, I love the new picture. You're BEAUTIFUL!