Friday, December 1

Blue Chip

Tonight I went to Celebrate Recovery for the second time. Last time I went to CR101. This time I went to a real small group.

I didn't know which small group I would go to until I was actually in the worship service. I planned on one thing, but God had other plans. I really didn't want to go that group. I thought I was past all of that junk, but I just couldn't shake the feeling that I needed to be there. I am proud to say that I listened and went to the right one .

I am looking forward to experiencing what God has in store for me. God is continuing the work he started in October related to fear. He is also attacking the deep seeded anger and resentment that penetrates into all parts of my life, especially my relationships with those I love. I am expecting some deep healing. Healing that I didn't even know I needed until recently.

The other side of the blue chip says, "Celebrate Recovery MY GRACE IS ENOUGH FOR YOU."

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lora J. said...

Congratulations on your blue chip, and on following the Holy Spirit and going to the "right" group. I pray that the next few days, months and years are filled with changes and victories. I can guarantee there will also be pain as well, but God doesn't waste a hurt and when it is testimony time you will marvel at what God has done in your life. Welcome!