Tuesday, April 5

Blah 3

So, I called the Pulmonologist around 8:30 yesterday morning, in hopes of a same-day appointment. No such luck. The receptionist offered me a May 1 appointment and left a message for the nurse to call me back. At 10:20 I hadn't heard back from the nurse, so I called back. I was offered the same appointment and was told I could leave another message. I decided not to wait on the call and made an appointment with my primary doc.

When I got to my primary, the nurse immediately gave me a breathing treatment which made a big difference in how I was feeling. I explained that I had been to Urgent Care the night before, that my pulmonologist couldn't see me, and that I needed a stronger prednisone script than the one prescribed at Urgent Care. My doctor ordered a test to check for laringopharangeal reflux (food and drink refluxing into the sinuses), wrote a script for 18 days worth of prednisone (ugh!), and ordered a home nebulizer. It seems that my doctor is really starting to listen to me and is trying to put the puzzle pieces together.

When my visit was over, I got all of my records (almost 300 pages) and then got a cd with the images from my head CT from last week. The CT images are really cool!

After picking up the kids from school, I stopped by the drug store and got my horse-dose of prednisone and albuterol that goes in the nebulizer.

I did finally hear back from the pulmonology nurse at 5:15 pm. I'm afraid I was not very nice when she called. She didn't even check her messages until office hours were over. She offered me an appointment with the ARNP for later in the week, but I declined. I'm so glad I called my primary instead of trusting her to call me back.

Today I need to make a call regarding the nebulizer. I hope I can get it today. Friday I'll go to the ENT and then I'll go to the test for reflux on Monday. It will be a few weeks before I hear from Shands.

I think I go do a sinus saline rinse and take some more prednisone now.


Benjamin said...

Bless you girl! We're praying for you.

God has an answer; His timing is often baffling, but His wisdom is proved at the end of an experience and rarely in the middle.

You are loved!

Rebecca at the Well said...

hope it is all working out for you!!