Saturday, November 7

One Year Old

Can you believe it? My baby girl is a year old!

Look at those cute little (sharp) teeth!

We celebrated Baby Bee's special day with a pumpkin carving party.

This spider was carved by a third grader. Impressive!

We learned that jack-o-lanterns don't do well in wet 80 degree weather. They didn't make it to Halloween. Yuck!

This is the chocolate pumpkin smash cake I made for Baby Bee.

I made one just like it for my dad. His birthday was the next day.

Chocolate and coffee cake with milk chocolate ganache and buttercream frosting.
The pumpkins are covered with chocolate poured fondant.

The sweetest little pumpkin, ever.


Amy said...

I can't believe Baby Bee is a year old .....time has gone by FAST!!
I LOVE the pumpkin cakes...gorgeous! You do amazing work!

Rebecca at the Well said...

Love the cakes and B is too cute for words!!