Wednesday, February 11

Just a couple of cute things my kids did...

Yesterday, the kids were in the backyard playing. After a little while, Tater ran in to talk to me. She was disturbed by something Little Man was playing.
Outraged, she said, "He is pretending to be Jesus!"
Just a moment later, Little Man came in crying, "She won't let me be Jesus!"
Tater was deeply offended that he would dare to imitate her Jesus.
All Little Man knew was that his big sister wouldn't let him pretend to be the ultimate hero.
Since each of them had the most honorable intentions, I tried to help them see each other's point of view. I didn't succeed and finally had to separate them.
They both really love Jesus, but couldn't help offending each other. I just had to laugh.
This afternoon I was changing Baby B's diaper. Little Man came in and saw the white diaper rash ointment on her bottom and in her diaper. He asked, "Did she eat marshmallows?" Ha!


Amy said...

Ha! Pretty funny stories! Good to see a blog from you again!

Rebecca at the Well said...

Perhaps a good metaphore for different denominations - we all have the BEST intentions, but don't always see it exactly the same way.

I miss playing with the kids and the horses :)

Sunny said...

Way too cute and funny!