Monday, December 8

Could it be pride?

Yardboy and I suffer from CHAOS Syndrome (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome). Our home is usually too messy for us to feel comfortable having anyone but close family and very close friends over. I'm sure We've lost friends due to our unwillingness to invite them into our home. So often, it is just too embarrassing.

We allowed my parents and brother to help clean our home when things were really tough (new babies, illnesses, broken legs). Other than those times, we just attempt to clean and organize by ourselves. Yardboy and I both inherited the pack rat gene from our mothers, so we don't usually have great success.

Over the years, a few friends and family have offered to help me clean and declutter. I have always declined the offers. I didn't want to trouble them. I really thought it was a good thing that I wouldn't let people help with my mess. I thought it would be selfish to ask someone else to deal with my problem.

Now I realize just how dumb that sounds. I'm not being thoughtful. I am trying to protect myself from embarrassment. How prideful!

I was totally overwhelmed when I wrote the previous entry. I felt like my mess was closing in on me. Shortly after I posted it, I received an email from Crickey. She offered to help me clean and declutter. She has offered to help me many times before, but I never allowed it. This time I agreed because I was at the end of my rope. I guess this is an example of God's perfect timing.

Crickey drove over 60 miles to get to my house Saturday morning. She had a free day and could have been scrapbooking, but she chose to help me dig through my junk.

When she arrived, the dinning room was not usable. It had been that way for at least six months. It was clean and clutter-free by lunchtime, so we ate at the dinning room table! After lunch, we tackled Tater and Little Man's room. I got rid of so many old toys! She even cleaned the kids' bathroom while I nursed the baby. Yep. Can you believe I let her scrub the toilet? I should have taken before and after pictures. The difference is amazing!

Along the way, Crickey gave organizing suggestions. She had some really good ideas that we are trying to implement.

My mom also drove over 60 miles to pick up Tater and Little Man. They stayed at her house overnight and had a great time. Crickey and I could not have done all that we did if the kids had been around.

If someone happens to ring my doorbell this evening, they would still find a messy house. However, I know that it is a work in progress. It will get better because I am beginning to swallow my pride, or rather, relinquish my pride to God and accept the help He has provided.

Note to Crickey: Thank you so much for continuing to offer help even though I declined so many times. Also, I don't expect you to help me with my entire house. That would be selfish of me. I'm hoping that a little of your clean and neat gene can be transferred to us and our home.


Amy said...

"One day at a time, one moment at a time!" hee, hee! It so applies to everything- doesn't it? I didn't aquire the neat gene, nor did my husband and it is a struggle for me to keep things tidy, clean and laundry not stacked miles high (which it is right now and hopefully my boys will have clean underwear to put on in the morning!). Thanks for being open about your struggle- I take great encouragement in knowing I'm not alone!

cheri said...

I am a packrat too and struggle with keeping things neat and orderly. Moving helps - boy did we get rid of a lot of junk before we moved!

I'm not recommending you move - especially with a new baby. But maybe you could pretend to be moving...

What a wonderful blessing your friend is. Wish I were closer - I could come help too!