Tuesday, October 14

Sunday Afternoon Baby Shower

Sunday afternoon, my friends M and S had a baby shower for me.

This is my friend S.

This is my friend M.

We started with food. Mmmmm. Everything tasted great!

Then, we played games. I discovered that I have a talent for remembering nursery rhymes. Who knew? I wasn't so great at singing lullabies, or pricing baby items, but playing was fun.

After games, I got to open the presents! Such precious little things.

When we finished the gifts, we cut this cute cake. M made it. I was impressed that she made her own fondant. You can't tell from this picture, but the bed was held up by four cupcakes. Nothing supported the center. Oh, and it tasted great! Chocolate with chocolate frosting. Yummm.

Ladies, thank you for everything!


cheri said...

You look so cute! It won't be long now! Praying for you during these last I-Can't- Wait-to-get-this-kid-outta-me days.

Curly said...

Thanks Cheri. That is exactly how I feel right now.