Monday, October 27

Snaggle Puss

Until this morning, Tater was one of the few first graders at her school that still had all of her baby teeth.

Six weeks ago, I realized that a big tooth was coming in behind the baby teeth and that the baby teeth weren't very loose. The next morning, we went to the dentist for x-rays. The dentist gave her six weeks to pull the teeth on her own. She was instructed to wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.

For weeks, she tried to wiggle the teeth, as did Yardboy and I. She ate apples, carrots, and anything else known to loosen teeth. It moved a little, but not nearly enough.

Today was her return visit to the dentist. In just a few minutes, she emerged from the back with a piece of gauze in her mouth and drooling profusely. The dentist pulled two teeth instead of just one.

Tater was so brave! She said that is felt funny, but didn't really hurt. You can see the gigantic tooth behind the gap where the two teeth used to be.

After the appointment, I took my drooly girl to the mall. We sat in the massage chairs, shopped for a toy and a baby shower gift, and ate lunch. She said, "This is the best day ever." In spite of having teeth extracted, we really enjoyed our girls morning out.

I didn't know that the gums were bruised until after taking this picture.

We saw Tater's principal this evening at a restaurant. She told Tater that the Tooth Fairy would bring her more money than most kids get since she had to have it pulled by the dentist. I've spent $200 on these teeth already, and now I have to pay inflated Tooth Fairy rates too! Tater was so tired this evening that she forgot to put her teeth under her pillow. I guess the Tooth Fairy will have to visit tomorrow.

Tater will return to the dentist in December for a cleaning and checkup. I expect to schedule more extractions then. She will begin orthodontics soon too.


cheri said...

You have such an adorable family!

Curly said...

Thanks. I think they are adorable too. :)

Anonymous said...

It must come in the family. I had that problem and so did Nicky. Those baby teeth just don't want to come out!!!