Sunday, October 19

Saturday Afternoon Baby Shower

Pocohontas and several other friends got together to have a baby shower for me yesterday. We didn't really have a theme, and we didn't play games. We simply relaxed, ate some really good food, talked, and laughed a lot. It was wonderfully low key--just what a girl needs when she feels like she is about to explode.

Pocohontas wrote in my baby book as I opened the gifts. In this picture, I was just about to open the gift the W brought.

After a while, I remembered to ask my mom to take a picture of the food table. As you can see, we had already attacked the food. The Cheesecake was fantastic!

Mom and me. I'm so glad she was able to attend!

Poor little Flit wasn't feeling well, but he was just as sweet as always.

Pocohontas's niece and Tater provided the "entertainment."

Look at Tater's fingernails. Before the shower, Mom took Tater, and me to a nail salon. Mom and I had pedicures while Tater got her fingernails and toenails painted. It was a really nice treat. Thanks, Mom!

The lady to my right is K. She made this amazing quilt for the baby.
Visit her at The Quilting Patch.

Meeko, Pocohontas's oldest, had to join the dancing fun!

The flowers were a nice touch. They are now sitting on top of my entertainment center.

I guess someone might wonder what Little Man and Yardboy were up to during the shower. They had a great time boating on the river with Papa and Uncle Cabbagehead.

This was a wonderful day filled with family and friends.Thanks, everyone, for making me feel so special and loved.


Amy said...

Hi! I was just reading some of your past blogs- many about CR! It's so refreshing to see a believer being real about who they are and what they struggle with. I grew up thinking it was the "Christian" thing to do to be fake and not let anyone see or even know that I had struggles. God took my husband and I through some difficult times before we finally surrendered everything to Him! He continually shows me that even though I have come so far, there are still many areas that I need to surrender. Your blog is a blessing to me!

cheri said...

Love seeing the picture of you and your mom together! With two baby showers under your belt (so to speak) you ought to be all set now!

Curly said...

It was great to have Mom there!
"Under my belt." That is a really funny thought! Do they make belts this big?