Tuesday, September 9

Private Parts

Little Man was just watching Playhouse Disney when a short clip about cows and milk came on.

Shocked, Little Man came over to me and exclaimed, "Mommy, people were touching that cow's private parts!"

I explained to him that they were milking the cow and it was okay.

He looked confused.

He repeated, "They were touching the cow's private parts!"

I told him that those were the cow's boobies and that is how the farmers get the milk out. I wish I had a picture of him at that instant. The disgusted look was priceless.

His next comment was, "That's yucky! The milk was coming out of the cow's private parts!"

I wonder what he will say this afternoon when I offer him a cup of milk. Breastfeeding the new baby should be interesting too. We will see...


cheri said...


Crickey said...

Too, too funny!

Main Street Mom said...

Absolutely hilarious!!!

Found your blog from you leaving me a comment regarding my "collection"...

When my brother saw that entry...he emailed me to say maybe I need therapy. I am still in denial. I love, love, love and use it all!!! For me it is better than a collection of ceramic birds or salt shakers....by far!!!!!