Saturday, September 20

Brutally Honest

Yardboy and I met T and her husband about 12 years ago. They would do just about anything for us, as we would for them. T is like a sister to me. We even argue like sisters. Yardboy and T's husband get along very well. T's children and our children love each other too. Ahhhh, friends.

I got a call from T this evening. She had a favor to ask. T said she needed someone "brutally honest" and that I was the most "brutally honest" person she knew.

I must admit, I consider honesty to be one of my best and worst qualities. I am learning to speak the truth in love. I think I do a better job of keeping my mouth shut than I did 12 years ago. Nevertheless, she did call the right person.

What does she want me to do?

She and her husband want me to smell their new house to determine if it smells like cat urine. They figured I would know what feline pee smells like since I have a cat.

I couldn't stop laughing! Of course, I'd love to so the sniff test on the new home. What a unique opportunity to help out a friend. :)

We are going over to the new house after church tomorrow. T is going to feed us lunch and all I have to do is determine if the place reeks of kitty tinkle. That sounds like a deal to me!

Results later...

Okay, it is a week later.

We went to my friends' home and there was a scent, but it wasn't bad, and it wasn't cat urine. We were thinking it might smell like a bird. We may never know.

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