Friday, June 20

Where are we going to put this baby?

Of course, for the first several months the new baby will sleep in the bedroom with Yardboy and me. When she outgrows the cradle we don't know where she will go. Staying in our room for years is out of the question. Co-sleeping with an older infant or toddler means nursing all night long. Been there. Done that. I don't want to do it again.

I would love for her to have her own bedroom, but we have a three bedroom house.

The most obvious solution would be to let her share a room with Tater or Little Man. Siblings share rooms all of the time, right? Yardboy shared a room with one of his sisters for several years. I roomed with my brother for a very short time too.

Do we let the girls share a room. Tater will be 6 1/2 years older than the baby. Where will we put all of Tater's choking hazards--ummm, I mean toys? Where will Tater go when she needs some time to herself?

Do we let her room with Little Man? He will be 3 1/2 years older than his little sister. How long is is okay to let opposite sex siblings share a room, or does it matter?

We are also considering closing in part of our living room to make another bedroom. I like this option best. However, this is an expensive and labor-intensive option. I also have some concerns about how it look.

Buy a bigger house? No that option is out. We hate moving and can't afford it anyway.

I would love to have some feedback. Did you room with a sibling? Did your kids room together? Any suggestions?


holyoke said...

i'm an only child but my mom grew up with 6 other siblings.

she shared rooms with them& even though having your won room is great sharing one for a while is always ok.

i guess? i'm not a mother so i can't say much. you could try sharing.

you talked about your living room& making another room. you can always draw out floor plans& maybe going to someone to see if they can show you what it looks like.

good luck! blessing's to your baby girl& family!

(i jsut randomly came across you.)


Drason said...

I shared a room with my brother for years. It had its ups and downs, but it was ok.

My suggestion is to remember that you are not in a situation that God didn't see coming. He trusts you enough to have the baby and to raise her. Don't borrow trouble. Just pick your best idea and don't be afraid to change things around IF it doesn't work. Knowing that you love her and that God loves her will more than make up for any "harm" that leaving her in a room with a sibling too long might cause.

Anonymous said...

Turn your master bedroom into two rooms, move into Tater Tot's bedroom. Knock a hole in the wall in the room that is now your sons, that way they can all share the same bathroom.

Then add a wall to enlarge Tater's ex-room so you will have a master bedroom.

OR - make a bedroom of the garage.

Aunt Red Hot Mama

Sunny said...

My little sister lived with me when she was born. I was 10. It went over fine. I am not sure how long that lasted. I guess we moved and it all changed. Years later she lived in my room when she was 6 and I was 16. THAT is a BIG no no!

Curly said...

Wow! Thanks so much for your comments and emails. You guys have offered valuable insight.

I will let you know what we do, and maybe even post pics of the new accommodations.

Right now I am leaning toward letting Tater and Little Man share a room. Bunk beds here we come. Well, that is what I am thinking right now. Who knows what I will think about this plan tomorrow. :)

cheri said...

I agree with Drason. God knows and if you are not quite sure which is right, you can always change.

BTW. CONGRATS ON A GIRL! sister's name is Suzi...although I really do like my name.... (no pressure though) :)

cheri said...

Also, if your third born is like my third born, she will sleep anywhere she wants.