Saturday, June 7

Two Pounds, One Inch

Little Man had an appointment with the endocrinologist this week. Before the appointment, LM repeatedly asked if the doctor was going to stick him with a "meedle." I honestly didn't know if he had to do blood work, so I tried to be positive as I said, "Hmm, I don't know sweetie."

The appointment went well and no blood draw was needed. Little Man gained two pounds and grew one inch in the last visit three months. Hooray! He is now 33 inches tall and weighs 25 pounds. That still leaves him at the zero percentile, but hey, he grew!

Now we up his Increlex to 14 units twice daily, and go back for measurement in three months.


Crickey said...

This is awesome news, CM!!!!

cheri said...

So glad to hear that! A 'meedle', how cute!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. My son has done the numerous tests you described, including an IGF stimulation test, which he just failed. So, we may be looking at Increlex too. How are the shots? Any side effects? Hypoglycemia sounds pretty scary. Is that a worry?

Curly said...

Little Man has been on Increlex for four years now, and it is working! He is finally on the growth chart!
The shots aren't too bad--very similar to insulin. You do need to watch out for low blood glucose. Just make sure your son eats a full meal before giving his shot. We've never had a low that wasn't easily corrected with a sugary drink and a protein heavy snack.
Feel free to ask if you have other questions.