Wednesday, June 18



Yardboy took me to the imaging center today for my "official" 20 week ultrasound. The baby was very cooperative. SHE showed us everything we needed to see.

Tonight at dinner we were talking with Little Man and Tater about the baby. Tater is excited about having a little sister. Little Man's eyes welled up as he cried, "Nooooo, I wanted a boy!" He lightened up a little when I told him that he would be the ONLY brother.

Little Man has insisted all along that the baby is going to be named "Suzie," because, "Suzie is a boy name." He still likes the name the name for a girl.

Tater has insisted all along that the baby is going to be a girl. A few weeks ago she decided that she wanted to name the baby "Mot," because, "M-O-T spells Mot." She has also suggested "Kayla" and "Cindy."

I informed the kids that they will not be naming the baby sister, Yardboy and I will. I guess we have to start thinking about that now too.


Drason said...

Yes, and thanks to the anonymity of blogging, you have to think up a pseudo-name too. That's the problem we're having with our 2nd. Congrats and God bless!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Oh, you will never believe this but your mom's dad had a dog named Suzie when she was about 3.
She also named every doll she had Suzie!! I don't think she remembers it.

I'm still pulling for D.N.A.

Uppin Adams was good . . . .

Aunt Red Hot Mama