Sunday, August 12

What's Wrong With This Cake?

Can you see the problem with this cake? I worked on it for hours, Mom watched me make it, Yardboy inspected it, and our babysitter checked it out too. None of us noticed the mistake BEFORE the surprise party. I realized that i screwed it up last night, AFTER the party, when I was looking at the pictures. UGH! GRRRRRR! Mistakes like that just kill me! Cabbagehead would understand. He is a perfectionist too.

I made this cake for our Music Minister's 40th birthday. In spite of the glaring error, it was a hit. Everyone said they loved it. I wonder how many of them noticed the problem. This morning I asked the Birthday Girl if she saw the error, and she said, "Yes, right away, but I couldn't say anything." She really seemed to appreciate the thought and effort.

Oh, it tasted great too. It was a french vanilla cake with raspberry and chocolate ganache filling. I iced it with vanilla and chocolate buttercream. The sharps and flats are Hershey's Sticks. I tried to make white keys with white chocolate, but that was a dismal failure. I need to keep working on that idea.

At the party, I put forty candles on the cake and lit them with my torch (Yardboy's idea). A little of the chocolate frosting got singed and the smoke detector alarmed. It was really funny!


Drason said...

MMMM. . . power tools. . . . =]

it was still a great cake.

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

I would take bets that very few people noticed the "glaring error". I TRIED to find it and still am not sure if I am right or not (the black keys?).

Sounds like a great time and my mouth literally watered looking at that slice of cake.........YUM!