Friday, June 1

It's Beginning to Rain

It has been so dry. This Spring our area only received 2.24 inches of rain. We usually gets about 15.1 inches from March 1 to May 31.

A few weeks ago I heard a local meteorologist say that dry weather breeds dry weather and not to expect rain any time soon. She turned out to be right. This drought really dug in it's heels.

Wildfires seem to burn all over the place. Most lawns look and feel like ours--brown and crunchy. Lakes and rivers are lower than they have been in years. Farmers that don't have irrigation systems are losing crops. A sign in front of a church down the road from our house reads, "Have you prayed for rain?" Many people are praying for a hurricane. I'm praying for a tropical storm.

This afternoon was overcast and I didn't think anything about it. It has been cloudy for days with no rain. Dry weather breeds dry weather.

This afternoon turned out to be different. Tater asked, "Mommy, why is it so dark?" We looked out and saw rain. Yea rain!

This evening I learned that Tropical Storm Barry is headed our way. Hooray!

A song from my childhood came to mind this evening.

It's Beginning to Rain

It's beginning to rain, rain, rain,
Hear the voice of the Father.
He's saying, "Whosoever will,
Come drink of this water."
He said, "I will pour my Spirit out,
On your sons and your daughters."
So, if you're thirsty and dry,
Look up to the sky.
It's beginning to rain.

Lord, Please send Your rain.

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