Monday, April 30

Step Four: Scrape Off the Wallpaper

Cheri, from Northwoods Ramblings, posted today on wallpaper removal. Yes, wallpaper, and her words are perfect for me.
Last night at about 7 p.m., the last of the old wallpaper fell to the floor. Hours and hours of soaking and scraping were finally over. The wallpaper was every bit as difficult to take off as the wallpaper in the computer room was.

The difficult job was made even more so due to the fact that when we last had the kitchen papered, we did not remove all of the backing from the previous wallpaper. 'Be sure, your sins will find you out.' Now that we are painting, not papering, it was important to do the job right.

I never dreamed 16 years ago that I would regret not removing all the old backing. The old gummy paste was really hard to get off. It was a good reminder to not just cover over ugly attitudes of pride, selfishness, bitterness, and envy; but to completely confess and remove them. Otherwise they come back to haunt you when you least expect it.

I'm working on Step Four: Taking an Honest and Spiritual Inventory. I need to soak, scrape, and scrub. I must uncover my negative as well as my positive qualities and deeds. If I don't do it right this time, I will have to come back and do it all over again, and it will be more difficult next time.

Cheri, thanks for the object lesson.


Becky said...

Hey Curly Mommy. I have not checked on you in awhile. I used to read your blog once in awhile when I visited from Cheri's blog. I don't even know if I ever delurked here.

Thanks for your sweet words for our Abby. We are lost I'll tell you. Never did we think it would be this hard.

I loved the baby birds. It is so funny because we had baby birds 2 years ago and LOVED watching them build, sit, and nurture. We even witnessed the day they were called to the woods. It was one of the highlights of our spring that year,truly.

Well, last year they didn't come. And today, as I am reading your blog about the birds, I looked to my left out my sliding glass doors to the back patio, and there they are. The mama and daddy birds are busy, busy, busy, building, building, building a new nest in the exact same planter. Which means that plant, which had recovered nicely from their last next, will be gagging for water for a couple of months.

I'll post pictures as they go too. The nest is just outside our kitchen window, in the planter that is on a baker's rack on the patio. We can look straight into the planter and the nest from inside the kitchen so as not to scare mama away. It is priceless fun I tell ya.

Enjoyed the visit.

cheri said...

C.M. I am so glad you found those words helpful.

Now that the project is over, we are so glad we persevered and finished the (yucky) work. The beautiful, fresh, new walls are a wonderful reward.

May you find blessings and reward as you scrape and scrub and start afresh!