Thursday, April 12

More Easter Stuff

The first song of our Easter worship service ended and the pastor said, "Christ is risen!"

Seemingly everyone in the congregation (except me) replied, "He is risen, indeed!"

On Easter afternoon I read at least two blogs that mentioned the same instant response.

Have I spent my entire life under a rock? I didn't know that I am supposed to say, "He is risen, indeed!"

Next year, I'll expect it and I'll get it right.


I was insanely busy last weekend. Having both sides of the family within a hour's drive is great, but it can really wear me out.

With all of the driving, picnicking, working on a linen book marks for the Easter service (pictured above), decorating for Easter service, cooking, entertaining, egg decorating, egg hunting...I didn't make it to the store to buy candy for my kids' Easter baskets.

In a moment of clarity, I remembered that there was still some Easter candy in the pantry from last year. I put the old (but still tasty) candy in the plastic eggs that we have used for years. The kids never knew the difference. I wonder if I can use some of it again next year. Nah, I'll splurge and buy new candy next year.

I got the Easter baskets and toys last year about a month after Easter. I saved a bundle! I couldn't help thinking of Cheri from Northwoods Ramblings when the grin of frugal satisfaction spread across my face. Do the cheap Easter baskets qualify me for honorable mention in the next edition of Tightwad Joy?

My mom decorated the egg pictured above with an old silk tie and boiling water. By the way, the real eggs were not left over from last year!


Layla (aka Barbara) said...

That paisley egg up there is the coolest egg I've ever seen!!!

I remember the first time I heard the "He is risen indeed" response, I felt exactly the same way!

Drason said...

The first time I "heard" it was in the Left Behind books. I never realized that it was "in use" in Christian circles today. Guess we were both in the dark.

Curly Mommy said...

I'll pass the complement on to my mom. I'm glad you know how to respond now too. It really is a cool. He is risen, indeed!

Oh yea, you are a kid of the Jesus Movement too. We missed out on the Easter response, but we got loads of good things instead!

cheri said...

I'm so proud of you girl!

Sunny said...

Your mom ROCKS!

byhisgracealone said...

I clicked on you from barbara's...wanted to say hello and send prayers your way....not because you asked, but just because i like to pray for others....