Thursday, March 22

New Profile

Wow! It is amazing how much I have changed and grown since last September.

Blogging helps me to fully explore my thoughts on a subject. I feel I know myself better when I write (or type) everything out. I know, you are thinking that my thoughts are pretty shallow, but the ones you see here are only a fraction of what has materialized since September. Being willing to put simple, non-threatening thoughts in a public forum has lead me to honestly journal and admit to my deepest, most secret thoughts, if only to myself.

This is what my old proflie looked like:

Curly Mommy
Gender: Female
Occupation: At home mom with a Registered Nurse license
Location: Southeast : United States

About Me

I am a Christian, stay-at-home, homeschooling, MOPS mom of two, Tater and Little Man. My husband, Yardboy, can't believe I am blogging. I am working on becoming a Lactation Consultant. I believe in eating whole, natural foods, but I am too cheap to buy organic most of the time. I am creative and good with my hands.


tea parties
natural foods
whole foods
cake decorating
La Leche League
curly hair
food addiction

Favorite Movies

Three Seasons
Princess Bride
The Sound of Music
The Matrix Trilogy
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
No horror movies. They make me have bad dreams.

Favorite Music
Third Day
David Crowder Band

Favorite Books

Curly Girl
You The Owner's Manual
You On a Diet
The Breastfeeding Answer Book I don't have much time to read for pleasure.

All of that is still true, but I have changed my focus. My new profile reflects the growth I am experiencing.

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BarBarA said...

Isn't it wonder to experience growth and positive change!! I am glad you discovered blogging, it's helped me as well and I never even considered that it might when I started!!!

Keep up the great work.