Saturday, March 3

Lunar Eclipse

This morning I excitedly told Tater all about the upcoming lunar eclipse. I showed her some websites and even found one with a video and very dramatic music.

She agreed that she wanted to see the eclipse, but wanted to get back to Qubo.

The email I received from the local homeschool association said that the eclipse would be best viewed at 6:29 pm on the eastern horizon. So, after a Pizza Hut dinner, we hopped into Yardboy's truck in search of the eastern horizon.

Two problems.

First, we live in a hilly, southern city that really values trees. There isn't much horizon to be found.

Second, this evening was very overcast.

After ruling out our first few options, we got an a four-lane highway and headed due east in search of some clear (or slightly less cloudy) horizon. After driving 23 moonless miles, we decided to go home. We were so disappointed, especially Tater.

When we made our turn we saw the most spectacular sunset ever! All that time we had been searching and we were missing the incredible beauty that was behind us.

We continued our scenic, yet moonless drive into the quaint, little town we used to live in. We showed Tater the house we owned when she was a baby.

The drive home was nice. The 20 mile stretch of two-lane highway was lined by crepe myrtle trees on both sides. The branches were bare, but still very pretty.

An hour and a half after leaving home in search of the moon, we arrived back in our neighborhood. As we turned the corner we couldn't believe our eyes! Peeping over the 50 foot oak trees and through a hole in the clouds, was the moon and it was still in partial shadow!

Our kids got to see their first lunar eclipse from inside our truck at the neighborhood park. The sky watching was over pretty quickly. It was getting late and they were getting grouchy. However, I'm happy. THEY DID SEE IT, AFTER ALL!


Crickey said...

Yea! I'm so glad you got to see it--and had such a neat trip overall. I didn't even realize there was one tonight....not sure how we missed that. And Tater still got home in time for more Qubo?

Curly Mommy said...

Sorry for the confusion. No, Qubo was in in the morning when I was trying to show her websites about the eclipse. When we got home is was time for bed.

Sunny said...

GOd is so good! I love those little blessings!