Friday, January 26

Forgiveness Prayer

A very wise woman sent this prayer to me today in an email:

Father, I lift to you all these people and situations and I forgive them for hurting me, rejecting me, never being present for me. I forgive them for making me feel so unloved, so alone, so guilty and causing me so much pain and for demanding too much from me. I forgive them for making me feel shamed, resentful, jealous, angry, (name emotions you feel). I ask also, Father that you forgive them for doing these things to me and I ask that you forgive me for holding a judgment against all of them. Father, I know you don't need forgiving but I forgive you for allowing me to be in these situations where I received so much pain. I ask now that you fill me with your love for these people and for the Lord Jesus Christ who I believe is your Son, who died for me, was resurrected for me and lives today for me. Please fill me with His love, peace, power, joy, forgiveness and new life in Him. Fill me with your Holy Spirit. In the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

This prayer came from Christian Healing Ministries, Francis and Judith MacNutt.

Thank you, dear friend.

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