Tuesday, January 2


A good day.

Homeschooling: the letter E

Yardboy home for lunch. :)

Little Man took a 2 hour nap. :) :) :)

Signed for Little Man's medical records at the pediatrician's office. I never trust that the records will actually make it to a specialist, so I take my own copy with me. More on the specialists later.

Purchased leftover Christmas junk at Michael's. I love craft junk and so does Tater.

Paid for a YMCA family membership. Free childcare! Yea, I get a break, but I gotta exercise.

Ate dinner at a locally owned Asian restaurant. I don't know what I actually ate. Yardboy and I split a meal. He picked it out. Lots of egg. SPICY peanut dipping sauce for the spring roll. Little Man was a holy terror! Tater behaved but her voice was way too loud. I had to leave a really good tip. Ugh.

Purchased workout clothes at Target. Yardboy saw the sports bra in the cart and asked why I was buying a jock strap. Huh? Tater was again nice, but way too loud. Little Man was a holier than thou terror! Yardboy took him out to the car while we girls finished shopping.

Benadryl ointment on the bug bites on Tater. We can't figure out where she got them. We checked Cat for fleas. None. It is warm here. Maybe mosquitoes yesterday playing in T's yard.

Pajamas, toothbrushes, lullabies, prayers, kisses.

Go back to bed Tater.

Go back to bed Tater.

Go back to bed Tater.

Oral Benadryl for Tater serves two purposes. "I'll be in there to rub your back in 15 minutes, if you stay in bed!"

Yardboy trying to organize the garage.

House a mess. Too many toys. Nobody cleans up after themselves.

Time for blog therapy. Need to read my Bible and do my devotion. Need to study breastfeeding junk. Need to email MOPS table members. Need to help Yardboy in garage. Need to plan Tater's school work for tomorrow. Need to clean something, anything.

Want something sweet, or salty, or both.

Should just go to bed, but I won't.


Big Pissy said...

I hate to say this, but don't rule out fleas entirely.

I found some on two of my three dogs today.

Fleas have been just HORRIBLE in our area all of 2006.

Looks like it's continuing on into 2007.....

ACK! :(

cheri said...

I forgot to respond to your question about Cornerstone.

Yes, it is Cornerstone Music festival. We go to the one in Bushnell, IL. Have you been there or do you go to the one in FL?

I don't have tickets yet, but I think we are going again.. My brother and his family from TN go as well as my sis (Suzi - sometime commentor on my blog) and her fam. They live in MN.

Two years ago I remember falling asleep in my tent listening to Third Day.... We were close enough to the main stage to not actually have to go there.

Curly Mommy said...

I guess I should treat Cat with Advantage today anyway. He is overdue for a treatment. Good luck with your flea problem. They are just disgusting and so hard to get rid of.

Curly Mommy said...

Cheri: No, I've never been to Cornerstone and I didn't know they did a festival in FL.

My little brother, Cabbagehead, has been to the one in IL several times. He and his friend M even lived with Jesus People for a while.

I doubt Cabbagehead will be going this year. He's got a pretty heavy load at college (premed).

Have fun. I wish I could go too.

I love Third Day!