Wednesday, December 27

Perfectly Peaceful Christmas

Christmas was really good this year. We didn't try to please everyone and we didn't go overboard. Well, we spent too much money, but I am talking about overcommitment today.

Our front yard isn't lit up. I put my 3 year-old Wal-Mart wreath on the door and made bows for the carriage lights on the garage and the mailbox. That's it for the outdoors. One of our neighbors asked if we had a Christmas tree inside. Uh, yep. Their yard is really "decorated." I guess he thought we weren't celebrating sufficiently. I have a lot less to clean up and I am happy about that.

We told our family that we would be at our house on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We did not travel on either of those days. We did gather with my extended family on the 23rd and with Yardboy's family on 26th. Both families are about an hour away, so we easily made it back home both nights. We decided that is was important for our children to go to bed at home on Christmas Eve and wake up at home on Christmas Day. We issued an open invitation to anyone who wanted to celebrate at our house on those days. My parents, Cabbagehead, Ma (my beloved paternal grandmother), and Auntie C (my mom's youngest sister, a mere 10 years older than me) accepted the invitation.

My family arrived in the late afternoon on Christmas Eve. We had a dinner of rich, fattening party food. Mmmmm. I served a chicken broccoli braid, baked brie, spinach and artichoke dip with tortilla chips, veggies, apples, crackers, cookies, truffles, and sweet tea.

After dinner we went to a church. The candle light service was held inside the church since it was pouring rain outside. It was really nice to have so much of my family in church with me on Christmas Eve.

Before tucking the kids in (wearing their Christmas pajamas, of course) we had more cookies and spiced cider. After tucking the kids in we broke out the eggnog, brandy, and rum. Just a little bit, mind you.

I absolutely love setting out the kids presents on Christmas Eve. Everyone loves their gifts.

I couldn't bear the thought of having another traditional Christmas dinner. Instead, we had a leg of lamb, Greek salad, pita bread, hummus, baklava, and everything else Greek that I could think of. Ma said it was the best Christmas dinner she ever had. Wasn't that sweet of her?

After our guests left in midafternoon, the four of us sat around and watched Tater's new Barbie Princess movie and then we went for a walk. Little Man pushed Tater's tattered pink baby doll stroller the entire time. Tater pushed her Baby Alive in another doll stroller that isn't quite so worn. They were really cute.

Christmas night supper was leftover party food. I love the person who invented the microwave oven!

No fighting, no rushing, no trying to be absolutely perfect. This Christmas could not have been any better.


cheri said...

Sounds like such a wonderful celebration!
Your tree is beautiful.
I don't suppose you would share the recipe for the chicken broccoli braid.....

Curly Mommy said...
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