Wednesday, December 13

In Full Swing

The Christmas celebrations are in full swing!

Tater loves the Advent candles. She gets so excited talking about the meanings of the candles and can't wait to light the "BIG WHITE ONE!"

Last week we were at the Gaylord Palms Resort in Orlando, Florida. Yardboy had to go there for a work conference so that meant the hotel room was FREE. If we had to pay for it ourselves, we would never stay there. We couldn't pass up the opportunity.

While we were there the kids and I went to see ICE. It was amazing and cold. Little Man was very unhappy about having to wear a parka (provided by ICE) but enjoyed the experience after he got comfortable. Tater got to go down an ice slide over and over and over. I'm sure the idea is funny for people who live in cold climates. We really enjoyed our 20 minutes of nine degree "weather" but were very happy to get back to sunny Florida weather.

We arrived back home around 4:00 p.m. Thursday, and then it was off again. We were at church for dinner a little after 5:00. All four of us got into costume and headed outside by 6:30. We were "travelers" in our church's Living Christmas Story (a drive-through Christmas pageant). Little Man happily lasted as long as I could carry him in the sling and then it was off to the nursery for him. Tater, Yardboy, and had so much fun "traveling."

We just about froze at the Living Christmas Story Friday night. Little Man spent his evening playing in the nursery. Tater tried to make it, but her six layers of clothing and cider just couldn't keep her warm enough. She exited to the nursery about an hour into the production. I spent much of the evening passing out cider to chilled actors and telling them to hide the brown cups from the passers-by. We learned that hand warmers are our friends.

The experience of doing the Living Christmas story was great, especially for Tater. We plan on participating again next year.

Saturday I took Tater to see the children's performance of The Nut Cracker by a local ballet company. We enjoyed it thoroughly. It was nice to have some mommy-daughter time.

Sunday we all went to Little C's second birthday party after church. It was a wonderful party! The Tater got to ride the new pony, Cinnamon. Little Man had a screaming fit and didn't get to ride. Oh well, maybe next time. We had cake and ice cream and then went on a hayride. The weather could not have been more perfect!

Celebrating Christmas is so much fun, but we have intentionally taken a slower pace this week.

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