Wednesday, November 22

Third Day

Two years ago I went with K to my first Third Day concert. I was pregnant, queasy, and miserable, but I was also hooked! I couldn't wait to see them again.

They came back to our city earlier this month as a part of the Wherever You Are Tour. I ordered our tickets within minutes of them going on sale. Good seats too. Not on the floor, though. I'm only 5'1" and floor seats would mean that I would have a terrific view of big heads. My brother, Cabbagehead, suggested seats straight in front of the stage but in the first set of risers off the floor.

Yardboy and I took Cabbagehead to the show for his 25th birthday. My friend K and her husband went too, but they bought their own tickets. Just as Cabbagehead said, the seats were perfect. We were right behind the sound booth, so the we were in the best location for quality sound.

The concert was wonderful! We even enjoyed the opening acts, Hyper Static Union and the David Crowder Band.

My name is Fuzzball Gomer.

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