Thursday, November 2

Interactive Blog

I got the idea for an interactive blog from fellow blogger, Cheri. The questions are extremely easy.

Butter or Margerine?

Sweet Tea or Unsweet Tea?

White or Whole Wheat?

Veggies or Meat?

Here are my answers: butter or flax oil, sweet tea (sometimes with Splenda), whole wheat, veggies and meat.

I know. It is kind of lame, but humor me. I want to know who reads. If you read, please answer. That means you too, Yardboy.


Yardboy said...

Ditto. Easy for me to answer since I generally eat what you make! But even away from home, I am still a butter-eatin', sweet-tea-drinkin', whole-wheat-eatin', and veggie-meat-ingestin' galoot. Need to cut down on the size of the portion and my sugar intake, though (for general health).

cheri said...

Butter for me please. And I'll take my tea sweet. With some whole wheat toast on the side.

And later, I'll have a nice big portion of veggies.

Crickey said...

Unsweetened butter with whole-wheat veggies. Oh wait, that's not what you asked, is it? Love you!