Wednesday, November 1


After the kids go to bed Yardboy and I will drink creamy sweet decaf coffee and eat the leftover candy corn cake I made for Halloween. Yummy.

Yardboy and I love coffee any time of day. I devised a plan this evening to deal with overindulgence of coffee and the cream and sugar necessary to drink the stuff. I am taking my free coffee maker out of the kitchen and placing it in the garage. No maker, no coffee. Right?

We are going to switch to tea, which we also love. We don't need loads of cream and sugar to enjoy tea. We can even stick our pinky fingers out and feel extra snooty.

Tomorrow we get serious about eating healthy. We are usually very good, at least compared to the average American. However, we have been slipping lately.

Wish me luck. I may have to stop by Starbucks for a fix.

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Sunny said...

Let me know how this healthy bit goes. HA!~ I was there a few months ago. Ummmm I have stepped away from healthy for awhile. :)