Friday, October 27

The Dirty Word II

This evening Tater again said that Little Man was being "a little p****."

This time we realized that she was saying "prissy" and and not the other P word.

Now, usually parents aren't too thrilled to hear their little boy described as being prissy, but in this case it is a relief.

Tater isn't a potty mouth. She just can't say her R's.


Abi said...

Homeschooling answers:

My brother and sister were homeschooled K-4, and I was only homeschooled K-3 because my family moved to Europe as missionaries, and I attended a national school to learn the language. My parents decided just to homeschool us up until 5th grade, because they wanted to plant us in a firm foundation of good values and morals, but they also wanted us to be prepared to know how to interact with and stay strong in a world that is so contradictary to what we believe.

Curly Mommy said...

Thanks Abi,

It sounds like they are great parents.

I'm going to a local homeschool meeting tonight and I'm very excited! I'll let you know what I learn.