Sunday, September 17

Poor Little Man

Little Man's last few days have been rough.

Friday I took him to the doctor for his 15 month checkup. Dr. M said that he looks wonderfully healthy and is developing normally. He is just really small, below the 3rd percentile for weight and height, as he has been for quite some time now. He weighs 17 pounds 5 ounces.

After taking Tater's lunch to preschool and paying for her to stay late, Little Man and I went to get blood drawn and have a bone age x-ray done.

He was so brave! The lab tech that drew his blood was a pro, and she was so nice. Little Man didn't even flinch. Thanks for praying, everyone.

We had to wait FOREVER in the radiologist's office. Thank goodness they have a great kids' play area. Little Man did a great job for that too.

On the way back to pick up Tater, Little Man crashed for a nice long car nap. Such hard work.

Our evening was pretty uneventful. We played, ate dinner, took a bath, and went to bed.

In the wee hours of Saturday morning Little Man woke up screaming. I put him in my bed and tried to go back to sleep. He was really fussy, burning up, and wanted to nurse constantly. Around 3:00 I got up and gave him some Advil. He was so hot.

Saturday was a fussy day. Tylenol didn't seem to help at all, and didn't touch the fever. We then stuck to Advil. Saturday night he topped out at 102.9 degrees. We took a bath and that got it back down to 101.

The fever broke early Sunday morning, but the fussiness didn't leave. He began refusing to nurse. He would take one or two good sucks, pull off, grab his mouth, and begin to cry.

When the sun came up, I noticed that he had a white blister on the corner of his mouth and two little blisters on the inside of his lower lip. What? I thought we were done. The fever was only the beginning.

Yardboy and Tater went to church and I stayed home with Little Man.

By the time they got home, he had several spots on his mouth, hands, feet, and bottom. I think Little man has hand-foot-mouth disease. Yardboy and I were wondering why it isn't called hand-foot-mouth-ass disease.

I called my mother (also an RN) and told her of my suspicion. She agreed. I called my friend who's kid had it when he was a baby. She agreed. I did some research online. Internet agreed. Poor Little Man has hand-foot-mouth disease, not to be confused with hoof and mouth disease. That's cows.

The poor baby tried to nurse. He screamed. He tried to eat bananas. He screamed. He tried to drink from his cup and was somewhat successful. Then he screamed.

He needed to take in more fluids, so I offered his cup. He refused it and he refused to even try more bananas. I got him to drink a little sweet tea from a straw. Then I melted some cheese on a flour tortilla and he got really excited, until he tried to eat it. He screamed. We did get him to eat some shredded cheese. He acted like it hurt his mouth, but he ate it anyway. He really likes cheese. After the cheese, we coaxed him into trying some icecream. That was great. Have you ever seen anyone eat icecream with their fingers?

Little Man is now medicated and asleep. It took an hour to get him settled down. His eyes look tired and his mouth is swollen. I expect him to wake up soon. He will spend most of the night in bed with Yardboy and me.

Hand-foot-mouth disease is supposed to be a very short, mild illness. I can't wait for him to be over it. I hope my friend's kids didn't catch it.

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