Sunday, September 10

My First Post! Woo Hoo!

Fuzzball Chronicles? I'm not talking lint. I'm talking hair. Shoulder length, dark blond, moderately curly, and very frizzy.

Since middle school I have been fighting with my do. To make it worse, I live in the South. I have a flat iron that gets used every six months or so. If I decide to straighten, it will rain. Poof.

These days I am trying to embrace my curls. It is just too much trouble to try to make my hair be something it isn't. Mousse and gel are my friends, as well as any product that is described using these words: moisturizing, anti-frizz, smoothing, dry, damaged, unruly...

For anyone struggling with tresses that twirl, I highly recommend the book Curly Girl, by Lorraine Massey. It changed my life!

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Sunny said...

You are hilarious!!! I am so glad you are blogging. You need to blog about little man's adventure the other day. :)