Friday, September 15

A Great Gift

Yardboy can be so sweet sometimes.

Sunday, while I was taking a nap, he ordered something online. Aparently it was pretty hard to find item.

When I woke up, he informed me that I was not allowed to check the mail this week. He said that he ordered a Christmas present for me.

What? I can't peek? Okay. I didn't peek, but I wanted to.

It arrived yesterday and he couldn't wait to give it to me. Yea!

What's this? A DVD?

We saw the movie in August 1999 while we were in Bar Harbor, Maine. Three Seasons, a film by Tony Bui, is the first American film to be made in Vietnam since Bill Clinton lifted the embargo. It is complete with subtitles. :) This is what the back of the DVD box says:

"In the early hours of the New Vietnam, four strangers in Saigon find themselves suddenly expatriates in their own country, passed over by the "improvements" of Western progress. As the hauntingly beautiful old city of Saigon fades inth the shadows of neon lights, Coca Cola signs, plastic lotus flowers and other symbols of the Western invasion, these character's paths begin to cross. Stories merge to paint a portrait of a country in transition, the last moments of a culture which, through a second invasion by its former enemy, will never be the same again: Kien An is a living memory of the old ways, living a seemingly unchanged by the passage of time; Lan has reinvented herself as someone who can survive in the cold-hearted-capitalist world; Hai bridges the two worlds on his cyclo; James Hager is a reminder of the country's ravaged past; and young Woody is a symbol of the future. "
After the kids went to bed, we cuddled up on the couch and watched. It was a rare, quiet, romantic moment.
Thanks for being so thoughtful. I love you.

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