Saturday, September 23

The Ballet

Last night Yardboy and I took Tater to the ballet. My dear friend gave her a kid membership to our local ballet company. Tater's ticket was free and we got our tickets at a discounted price. Thanks W.

Tater was so excited. She got to wear her new dress, shoes, socks, and hair bows. She really enjoyed getting all dressed up. I pulled her hair up and she pranced around asking, "How do I look." When we told her that she looked great she said, "Gracias." We forgot to say "De Nada" sot she reminded us.

Grammy came over and cared for Little Man while we were out. Thanks, Mom.

We sat in the very middle of the front row, so nothing obstructed Tater's view. I am pretty sure she flashed the musicians in the pit a few times.

We had a great time. I think this experience has really peaked Tater's interest in ballet class.

We are looking forward to seeing The Nutcracker with W and her family this December.

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